Col de Peguerre from Foix

The Col de Peguerre from Foix is a long and beautiful forrested climb that starts off very gently and allows you to get into your climbing rhythm early on before hitting the steeper slopes after 4-5km. On the way up you are able to bag the bonus climb of Col de Marrous at the halfway point. From here the road ramps up to an average of 8-9% for about 3kms but then the gradient slackens off as you reach the top and are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Pyrenees. 


Col de Peguerre Circuit

Distance 96km

Elevation 2050 metres

A great route to take in the Col de Peguerre from Rhino Velo. Heading south from Crampagna and skirting past the wonderful Chateaux de Foix. After crossing the bridge and taking a sharp right you pick up signs for the Col. From here the road starts to rise gently for about 9km before hitting the climb proper, the road allows you to get into your climbing rhythm and you can tap away gently clicking off the kilometres on this beautifully forested climb. The gradient slackens and the views open up as you near the top, a quick stop to look at the breathtaking views and it's off again taking the right turning to climb a few metres more to the top of the Portel. From here the descent starts, a few fast switchbacks down to a right turn at the junction and then another right turn a few kilometres further down and its then a fast 8km to the bottom. 

A left turning onto the D117 towards Rimont and a right heading through Clermont and then enter into the amazing Caves of Maz D'Azil. From here it's a pleasant  30km ride back along through Gabre and Loubens to Rhino Velo.